Creating Opportunities

Creating opportunities for our community members to share ideas and to exercise their traditional values.



Providing Platforms

Providing best of the class platforms and leadership to help our community members to exhibit their talents.


Developing Leaders

Developing leaders through volunteerism and community service by organizing and aligning people around what the team needs to do.


Building Bridges

Building bridges of understanding across generations and diverse Indian and non-Indian communities.

KANE Events

Meet the Team

We are a group of highly motivated professionals, leading this great organization helping in hosting several community, arts and charity events throughout the year, We are also committed in helping KANE partner with businesses to make our community aware of your service offerings and thereby benefiting you.

Like our slogan says, "Together Everyone Achieves More"

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Board of Directors is the main governing body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of KANE. View Team

KANE Juniors

KANE Junior is a youth led organization created to get everyone involved in today's society. To communicate and to experience the future. The mission of this group is to nurture cultural values and promote talents. They are our future, leaders in making. View Team

Executive Committee

Executive Committee has well defined powers usually meets frequently to manage the affairs and further the purposes of KANE and its operations. BOD is part of Executive Committee. View Team

Arts Committee

Arts Committee is a group that work towards fostering the creative environment and reputation of KANE, by motivating and training community members to perform and participate in public art events, festivals and competition. Malhar is managed by Arts Team of KANE. View Team


Hear from Our Team

Why Join Us

  • We are one KANE Family

    Though you will see we use the word 'Team' a lot, we are known as "KANE Family". Every member is part of our family and we are here to support each other, whether it is to help you move in to New England area, find a house, School District, find a job, make new friends etc. You and your family can participate in and demonstrate your talents at the events KANE organizes. You and you family can contribute towards KANE's growth and vision. Most importantly, KANE invites people like you for leading it in the coming years,- we need you!. KANE Membership opens on October 1st of every year and ends by September 30th of the following year. 


  • We have a rich history and diverse age-group

    KANE was founded back in 1970 and we still have few people from 70s team in our current team. We embrace our great legacy with extreme honor and welcomes new members to lead our organization. You become a part of the largest and one of the oldest Kerala Associations in the United States. You get discount at several events and shows that KANE organizes every year. You get discounts at local stores and restaurants. You and your family gets up-to-date information on KANE's events and shows.


  • We are here for friendship and teamwork

    Welcome to KANE- Let us come together, to celebrate, to share, to exchange, and to renew our friendship. Let us provide our kids with an opportunity to network and to build a support system in navigating the challenging socio cultural environments. They get an opportunity to participate in cultural activities, opportunity to meet people ‘like’ them, opportunity to share similar habits and ideas, and to establish a bond that can serve them well even after they move out of parent’s nests


Our Members Say