ONAM 2023

On Saturday, August 26th 

Keefe Technical School Framingham, MA
(750 Winter St, Framingham MA)


Onasadhya will be served in 4 time slots from 11am to 2pm. Entry by online booking only, no walk-ins are allowed.

Please click on the time slot below to book your Onasadhya timing with us. Your booking for Onasadhya also covers your admission to the KANE Onam 2023 Cultural show. There is no separate ticket Onasadhya, it is one ticket for Sadhya & Cultural Show.  

 Shadow Puppet Show - First time in Boston 
For any questions, please contact us via the "WhatsApp us" option on our website.

NOTE: This page is for KANE NON-MEMBERS. For KANE Premium and Regular Members, we emailed you the link to book your tickets. If you haven't received the email, please contact us without any delay. Time slot once booked cannot be changed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please report atleast 15 minutes prior to your Onasadhya start time. All slots are fully booked, if you are late, we will not be able to accommodate you in any other slots. Please collect the color coded wristbands from front-desk and proceed to the cafeteria to be seated when it is time for your Sadhya. If you arrive early, you can still check-in and wait in the auditorium until it is time.  


SOLD OUT:  We are fully booked and Sold Out!


Click Here to Watch KANE Onasadhya Cooking Video