KANE Membership

Welcome to KANE- Let us come together, to celebrate, to share, to exchange, and to renew our friendship. Let us provide our kids with an opportunity to network and to build a support system in navigating the challenging social cultural environments. They get an opportunity to participate in cultural activities, opportunity to meet people ‘like’ them, opportunity to share similar habits and ideas, and to establish a bond that can serve them well even after they move out of parent’s nests.

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Why should you become a KANE member?

  •     You become a part of the largest and one of the oldest Kerala Associations in the United States.
  •     You get discounts on several events and shows that KANE conducts every year.
  •     You get discounts at local stores and restaurants.
  •     You and your family gets up-to-date information on KANE's events and shows.
  •     You and your family can participate in and demonstrate your talents via events that KANE organizes.
  •     You and your family can contribute towards KANE's growth and vision.

    Most importantly, KANE invites people like you for leading it in coming years- we need you!.