KANE celebrates Christmas and the New Year with a wide range of programs. Every year, KANE invites a special guest to deliver a Christmas message. The celebrations start around 2 p.m. and end around 7 p.m. with a home-made dinner (Kerala Appam and Curry).

People greet one another and exchange Christmas and New Year's greetings. It is during KANE's Christmas celebrations that we distribute the annual member directory and KANE New Year calendar to it's members.

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KANE celebrates Christmas & New Year in December with the following activities:

  • Carol songs by local church choirs.
  • Christmas message by an invited special guest.
  • Nativity skit
  • Santa parade.
  • Skits
  • Songs & dances
  • Dinner served at the end(Kerala home made Appam & curry).
  • Free member directory & KANE New year calendar distribution.