KANE Membership Renewal 2021 -2022
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Announcing Winners from our Picnic 2021Competitions

Thank you for making KANE Summer Picnic 2021 a great success. We had more than 150 guests joined us along with 20 previous presidents of KANE posed for a Group Photo. The Golden Jubilee Cake cutting was celebrated by all the ex-officials and our guests. Picnic started at 11am with omelette, Kappa and Chutny cooked onsite.  Games for ladies and kids started at 1.00pm. We grilled fresh veggies and non-veggies onsite, then started several indoor and outdoor games competitions for Men, Women and kids and Senior Citizens. Unlike previous years, this year we conducted 17 different categories of competitions. All the winners received trophies and medals. Picnic ended at 4pm with Trophies and Medals distributed to all the Winners.

Please e-mail your questions and feedbacks about Picnic at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Congratulations to all the winners.

Musical Chair Kids
1st - Rishi Kunnel
2nd - Mark Ison
3rd- Fiona George

Musical Chair Ladies (Age 50 +)
1st - Rosily Varghese
2nd- Mercy Koshy
3rd - Gretta Rozerio

Musical Chair Ladies (Age 18 to 50)
1st-  Betsy John
2nd- Jeejo Varghese
3rd-  Laly Thomas

Musical Chair Youth
1st- Albin Thomas
2nd- Niya Dipin
3rd- Riya Kunnel

Lemon in Spoon Race Ladies
1st- Rosily Varghese
2nd- Rani Sebastian
3rd- Sindhu Nellikal

Lemon in Spoon Race Kids
1st- Liya Dipin
2nd- Fiona George

Candy Picking Kids Age below 5
1st- Hridhya Jose
2nd- Jeniya Varghese
3rd- Ryan Anoop

Candy Picking Kids Age 5 to 10
1st- Jeremy Varghese
2nd-  Anvita Anoop
3rd- Shreya Thomas

100 Mtr Running Race Kids Age below 5
1st- Jeniya Varghese
2nd- Kamala Sukhu
3rd- Roy Kunnel

100 Mtr Running Race Boys Age 5 to 10
1st- Rehaan Mathew
2nd- Jeremy Varghese
3rd- Mark Thampi Abraham

100 Mtr Running Race Girls Age 5 to 10
1st-  Aria John
2nd-  Fiona George
3rd- Anvita Anoop

100 Mtr Running Race Girls Age 10 +
1st - Angeline Roshan
2nd-  Crystal Pauly
3rd- Laura Mukundan & Dhwani Prakash

100 Mtr Running Race Ladies
1st-  Jeejo Varghese
2nd-  Rani Sebastian
3rd- Betsy John

100 Mtr Running Race Men
1st- Jollson Varghese
2nd - Aidan John
3rd- Roshan George & Sam Chirayath

Tug of War (Vadam Vali) Boys Winners
Jeremy Varghese (C)
Reyaan Mathew George
Rishi Kunnel
Raj Mukundan
Mark Thampi Abraham
Ryan Anoop

Tug of War (Vadam Vali) Ladies Winners
Sindu Nellikal (C)
Angeline Roshan
Laura Mukundan
Betsy John
Gayathri Ravindran
Maggie George

Tug of War (Vadam Vali) Men Winners
Shaji Pothen (C)
Reggie George
Vipin Bhaskaran
Aidan John
Anish John
Jees Alex

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