Founded in 1970

To promote and to nurture the unique values of Kerala heritage and culture, a group of visionary leaders sowed the seed for an organization for New England Malayalees (a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut).

KANE is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious cultural organization working towards the betterment of the social lifestyle of the Malayalee in the New England area. KANE provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange views and to foster friendship, goodwill, and understanding among its members and provides opportunities for cultural, and entertainment activities of its members.

See the list of visionary leaders who served KANE since its founding in 1970. To view the historic timeline of KANE's journey since 1970, Click Here


Officials 2016-17

Jose Mohan, President
Viju Paul, Vice President
Anoop Vijayan, Secretary
Elsie Vithayathil, Joint Secretary
Reggie George, Treasurer
Joseph Kunnel, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2015-2016

Babu Punnose, President
Simi Matthew, Vice President
Viju Paul, Secretary
Saresh Alambath, Joint Secretary
Reggie George, Treasurer
Rosily Varghese, Arts Club Secretary
Jollson Varghese, PRO, Web & IT

Officials 2014-2015

Prakash Nellurvalappil, President
Babu Punnose, Vice President
Jose Mohan, Secretary
Viju Paul, Joint Secretary
Roy Varghese, Treasurer
Simi Matthew, Arts Club Secretary
Jollson Varghese, PRO, Web & IT

Officials 2013-2014

Reggie George, President
Prakash Nellurvalappil, Vice President
Jollson Sam Varghese, Secretary
Jose Mohan, Joint Secretary
Roy Varghese, Treasurer
Rosily Varghese, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2012-2013

Matthew Chacko, President
Varghese T Pothen, Vice President
Jees Alex, Secretary
Reggie George, Joint Secretary
Prakash Nellurvalappil, Treasurer
Paul Ignatius, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2011-2012

Biju Jose Thoompil, President
Matthew Chacko, Vice President
Reggie George, Secretary
Prakash Nellurvalappil, Joint Secretary
Jees Alex, Treasurer
Jenny Fernandez, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2010-2011

Joboy Jacob, President
Varghese Pappachan, Vice President
Biju Jose Thoompil, Secretary
Varghese Pothen, Joint Secretary
Binu P Nair, Treasurer
Matthew Chacko, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2009-2010

Rajendraprasad Sivadasan, President
Joboy Jacob, Vice President
Sibu Thomas, Secretary
Johnson Job, Treasurer
Kuriakose Maniattukudiyil, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2008-2009

Philip Varghese, President
Biju Jose Thoompil, Vice President
Uma Menon, Secretary
Kuriakose Palooparambil, Treasurer
Shinoj Yohannan, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2007-2008

Jose Puthenpurackal, President
Rajendraprasad Sivadasan, Vice President
Rajesh Sukumaran & Roy Varghese, Joint Secretary
Steny Kalapurackal, Treasurer
Vaidyanathan Iyer, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2006-2007

Jacob Kallupurakal, President
Raj Nair, Vice President
Ashok Krishnan & Sibu Thomas & Reji Varghese, Joint Secretary
Benjamin Samuel, Treasurer
Matthew Chacko, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2005-2006

Daniel Samuel Kutty, President
Sasi Pillai, Vice President
Benny Joseph, Secretary
Subha Kannath, Treasurer
Jancy Kuriakose, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2004-2005

Varghese Yohannan, President
Ruby Analoly, Vice President
Athul Krishnan Dwaraka, Secretary
Suresh Abraham, Treasurer
Revathi Pillai, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2003-2004

Vaidyanathan Iyer, President
Varghese Yohannan, Vice Presidentt
Sibu M Thomas, Secretaryt
Shaju Jacob, Treasurert
Amy Chacko, Arts Club Secretaryt

Officials 2002-2003

Samuel Thomas, President
Suresh Abraham,Vice President
Ravi Koroth, Secretary
essy Maliakal, Treasurer
Kuriakose Maniattukudiyil, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2001-2002

Veena Pillai, President
Zachariah Jacob (Saleem), Vice President
Meledath Govindan, Secretary
Sajee Skariah, Treasurer
Mary Mathews, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 2000-2001

Iype Geevarghese, President
James Kallupurackal, Vice President
Varghese Yohannan, Secretary
Rajendraprasad Sivadasan, Treasurer
Omprakash Pillai, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1999-2000

Raphael Maliakal, President
Joseph Mathew, Vice President
Sebastian Malanakarot, Secretary
V.L.George, Treasurer
Bindu Mathew, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1998-1999

George Tharisayi, President
Paul V. Paul, Vice President
Elsie Marangoly, Secretary
Abraham V. Abraham, Treasurer
Mathew George, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1997-1998

James Kuttycherrry, President
W.G. George, Vice President
Susan Mathews, Secretary
Kunju Zachariah, Treasurer
Tessy Maliakal, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1996-1997

Sonny Abraham, President
Philip Varghese, Vice President
Sunny Abraham, Secretary
Tharian Lukose, Treasurer
S. Subramony, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1995-1996

Omprakash Pillai, President
Abraham Thomas, Vice President
Joseph K. Jacob, Secretary
Gevarghese Iype, Treasurer
Rajive Parkat, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1994-1995

Isac P. Varghese, President
Saji Skaria, Vice President
Shanta Abraham, Secretary
R. Venugopal, Treasurer
Omprakash Pillai, Arts Club Secretary

Officials 1993-1994

Valsamma Vargise, President
Thomas Varghese, Vice President
S. Subramony, Secretary
Mammen Verghis, Treasurer

Officials 1992-1993

P.M. John, President
John Kunnenkeri, Vice President
Susan Mathews, Secretary
Raphael Kotherithara, Treasurer

Officials 1991-1992

Kurien Koshy, President
Samuel Mathews, Secretary
Annamma Mathew, Treasurer

Officials 1990-1991

Alpheen Menachery, President
Mariam Alunkal, Secretary
Usha Nambiar, Treasurer

Officials 1989-1990

Paul Varghese, President
Raphael Maliakal, Secretary
Shanthi Subramony, Treasurer

Officials 1988-1989

T.M. Jacob, President
Mathew George, Secretary
Alex Thomas, Treasurer

Officials 1987-1988

Vimala Philip, President
Moni Mathew, Secretary
Sujoe Joseph, Treasurer

Officials 1986-1987

Jose Akkara, President
Annie Malaikal, Secretary
Mahadevan Padmanabhan, Treasurer

Officials 1985-1986

Koshy Mathews, President
Mary Mathews, Secretary
Sani Abraham, Treasurer

Officials 1984-1985

Joseph Vadakekalam, President
Tessy Maliakal, Secretary
John Alunkal, Treasurer

Officials 1983-1984

Rev. Abraham Thomas, President
George Philip, Secretary
Valsa Akkara, Treasurer

Officials 1982-1983

Prem Menachery, President
A.J. Chandy, Secretary
Lily Methratta, Treasurer

Officials 1981-1982

Thomas Koshy, President
Mercy Koshy, secretary
Mathew George, Treasurer

Officials 1980-1981

P.K. George, President
Koshy Mathews, Secretary
Philip Cherian, President
Samuel Thomas, Secretary

Officials 1979-1980

M. Narayanan, President
Joseph Fernandez, Secretary

Officials 1977-1978

V.K. Thomas, President
Ramani George, Vice President
Eapen Koshy, Secretary

Officials 1976-1977

John Abraham, President
K.J. Sebastian, Vice President
Alpheen Menachery, Secretary
C.C. Chacko, Treasurer

Officials 1975-1976

P.M. John, President
John Abraham, VP & Treasurer
Joseph Varghese, Secretary

Officials 1974-1975

A.J. Chandy, President
Prem Menachery, Secretary

Officials 1973-1974

M. Puchakunnil, President
Samuel Thomas, Secretary

Officials 1972-1973

Sam Jacob, President
M.M. Nambiar, Secretary

Officials 1971-1972

Rev. Abraham Thomas, President
Philip Cherian, Secretary

Officials 1970-1971

C.T. John, President
Kurian Tharakan, Treasurer

KANE was founded

To promote and to nurture the unique values of Kerala heritage and culture, a group of visionary leaders sowed the seed for an organization for New England (a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) malayalees.


KANE invites you to join our common mission to enrich culture and traditional values.Our primary goal is to come together, celebrate together, share together and renew our friendship apart from cast and creed with benevolence and positive attitude. Click JOIN to join KANE.

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