Announcing Winners from our Picnic Competitions

Congratulations to all our winners. We have the trophies ready and will be distributed during the next KANE event.

Candy Picking Age 1-3 Kids
1st - Benjamin Thomas
2nd - Anvita Vijayan
3rd - Rehan George

Candy Picking Age 4-10 Kids
1st - Jewel Thomas
2nd - Kaitelyn Sam 
3rd - Kelvin Sam & Joshua Sibu

Musical Chair Age 5-10 Kids
1st - Liana Thomas
2nd - Jonathan Thomas
3rd - Pranav Joy

Musical Chair Age 11-15
1st - Hari Vijayan
2nd - Aabib Peermohammed Fazil
3rd - Chandu Prakash

Musical Chair Ladies
1st - Ashoamma George
2nd - Jhansi Kuriakose
3rd - Sandhya Prakash

Ladies 100 mtr Race
1st - Sherly Pottackkal
2nd - Jeejo Jollson

Gents 100 mtr Race
1st - Jollson Sam Varghese
2nd - Justin Andrews

Boys 100 mtr Race
1st - Aakash Sahadevan
2nd - Noel Benny

Boys Junior 100 mtr Race
1st - Athul Sahadevan
2nd - Jeswin Jees

Girls 100 mtr Race
1st - Kaityln Sam
2nd - Leana Thomas

Ladies Lemon in spoon Walking
1st - Sherly PottackkaL
2nd - Jhansi Kuriakose


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