Malhar 2018: Grand Finale(Day 2) on Sat, May 5 th
Thank you for making Malhar Day 1 a huge success. We will be publishing all the Individual Competition(Day 1) winners under "WINNERS" tab on the Malhar website( Click Here). We will be distributing Malhar Signature trophies and certificates to all the Winners on May 5th. Team Malhar is all geared up to present a spectacular show on May 5th, Malhar Grand Finale Day! . FREE ADMISSION to all for the Malhar Grand Finale All Group Dance Competitions will be held on on May 5th from 1pm onwards. Please email for any questions.
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Announcing Winners from our Picnic Competitions

Congratulations to all our winners. We have the trophies ready and will be distributed during the next KANE event.

Candy Picking Age 1-3 Kids
1st - Benjamin Thomas
2nd - Anvita Vijayan
3rd - Rehan George

Candy Picking Age 4-10 Kids
1st - Jewel Thomas
2nd - Kaitelyn Sam 
3rd - Kelvin Sam & Joshua Sibu

Musical Chair Age 5-10 Kids
1st - Liana Thomas
2nd - Jonathan Thomas
3rd - Pranav Joy

Musical Chair Age 11-15
1st - Hari Vijayan
2nd - Aabib Peermohammed Fazil
3rd - Chandu Prakash

Musical Chair Ladies
1st - Ashoamma George
2nd - Jhansi Kuriakose
3rd - Sandhya Prakash

Ladies 100 mtr Race
1st - Sherly Pottackkal
2nd - Jeejo Jollson

Gents 100 mtr Race
1st - Jollson Sam Varghese
2nd - Justin Andrews

Boys 100 mtr Race
1st - Aakash Sahadevan
2nd - Noel Benny

Boys Junior 100 mtr Race
1st - Athul Sahadevan
2nd - Jeswin Jees

Girls 100 mtr Race
1st - Kaityln Sam
2nd - Leana Thomas

Ladies Lemon in spoon Walking
1st - Sherly PottackkaL
2nd - Jhansi Kuriakose


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