KANE Christmas & New Year Celebration on Dec 22 at 2 pm
Movie: ODIYAN in Boston. Multiple shows on Dec 14th & 16th.
Kerala Flood Relief Fund Update: We donated the entire amount we collected to the Kerala Chief Ministers DR Fund View Receipts KANE Inviting registrations for Cake Competitions and Stage Performances. Please e-mail christmas@kaneusa.org before Dec 14th.. KANE Christmas & New Year Party on Saturday, Dec 22nd from 3pm onwards. Contact christmas@kaneusa.org for details. Congratulations to the KANE & BBC New England Badminton Championship 2018 Winners!. We thank all the teams and sponsors.
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December 2018
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
09:00 AM
Boston Badminton Club, Westborough, MA
KANE Badminton Tournament 2018 In Association with Burlington Badminton Club Round 1- Priliminary Venue: Boston Badminton Club, Westborough, MA For questions, e-mail: [...]
Date :  2018-12-01
09:00 AM
Boston Badminton Club, Westborough, MA
KANE Badminton Tournament 2018 In Association with Burlington Badminton Club Round 2- Priliminary Venue: Boston Badminton Club, Westborough MA For questions, e-mail: [...]
Date :  2018-12-02
12:00 PM
Burlington Recreation Center
KANE Badminton Tournament 2018 In Association with Burlington Badminton Club FINALS Venue: Burlington Recreation Center From 12pm - 5pm For questions, e-mail: [...]
Date :  2018-12-08
02:00 PM
Keefe Technical High School, Framingham, United States
  KANE Christmas & New Year CelebrationsPlease save the date, Saturday, December 22nd 2018From 2.00pm to 6.00pmKeefe Tech School 750 Winter St, Framingham, MA [...]
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Date :  2018-12-22

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