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Kerala Association of New England organizes several events every year to bring people and families closer and to provide platforms for talents to showcase. KANE also brings Star Shows with leading Malayalam and South Indian movie stars and artists performing live on stage. Following are the main annual  KANE events. Star Shows and other special events will be announced separately, please check our Upcoming Events page.


Onam is the most celebrated and crowd gathering festival for KANE with more than 1000 men and women dressed in traditional kerala style(Mundu, shirt, set saree). Onam celebrations includes several...

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Halloween is celebrated under the leadership of KANE Junior. Its is celebrated amongst kids, family, friends and, sometimes, co-workers of KANE members. KANE junior orgamizes the party with lots of...

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KANE celebrates Christmas and NewYear with a wide range of programs. Every year, KANE invites a speacial guest to deliver Christmas message. The celebrations starts around 3PM, and ends around 7PM with home made dinner(Kerala Appam & Curry). People greet eachother and...

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Arts & Talents Day

KANE Arts & Talents day is the venue for KANE members to showcase their talents. KANE's Arts Club organizes and manages this event. KANE's art club invites applications for several friendly and competition events. The applications are verified and shortlisted for the KANE Arts & Talents day.  Don't show off every day, or you will stop surprising people. That is why we...

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KANE's annual family Picnic is the perfect day for you and your family to join fellow malayalees around new england area for a day out with cooking, fun, sports, games and several other activities. This the day our for most of us to...

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KANE's annual Summer Camp is a two nighrs outdoor camping, mostly in the deep woods in New Hampshire. This is the perfect oppurtunity for all camp lovers to feel and live with the mother nature, two nights. Camp starts a friday evening and ends Sunday morning. KANE's arranges the camp ground and plan games and activities. You bring tents, sleeping bed and other camping essentials. We invite you and your family to...

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JosephKunnel KP201718

"As we all gain strength from our own cultural background, we must gain energy from our new environment too. Our accomplishments invite diverse challenges to our new “home away from home”. KANE is organizing a variety of cultural and social activities this year too. Our primary goal is to come together, celebrate together, share together and renew our friendship apart from cast and creed with benevolence and positive attitude.I would like to ask for your support, teamwork and cooperation."

Joseph Kunnel (Jeff)
President, KANE
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KANE invites you to join our common mission to enrich culture and traditional values.Our primary goal is to come together, celebrate together, share together and renew our friendship apart from cast and creed with benevolence and positive attitude. Click JOIN to join KANE.

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