Arts Committee  is a committee on Arts and Culture which shall concern itself with the encouragement of arts, culture and creativity, including cultural development, humanities, performing arts, visual arts, film and filmmaking, music etc. The mission of this committee is to  foster the creative environment and reputation of KANE, by motivating and training KANE  members to perform and participate in public art, arts events, festivals and competition. KATADI is a social club for aspiring and amateur talents with in KANE.


Arts Committee 2020-2021

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Arts Club Secretary


Rosily Varghese

Kajal Maxelino

Grace Pullattu

Biya Paul

Kuriakose Maniyattukudiyil

Don Francis

Uma Ramesh

Shanty Mathew

Jaison Kachapilly

Deepa Vishnu

Sam Chirayath

Riya Cherian


Lijo Varghese

Tessy Maliyekal

Jesmi Saresh

Joboy Jacob

Ashwathy M Mathew



Thushara Renju

Hana Rinson

Linny Sunny

Suja Joy

Jerril Varghese

Sreeja Prasad

Dolly Varghese

Dipin Suja


Sheela Kaithamattom

Pauly Konikara