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Thank You!

Thank you for making "KANE Onam" a huge success!

43 people cooked 21 side dishes overnight, which we served to 1238 people this year!

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Please provide your valuable feedback and reviews about the KANE Onam Festival . Here are some testimonials..:

The sadya was superb mind blowing.Chenda,Maveli,Thiruvathira was very good. My humble opinion is since Ganamela was the main event , it should have been started early.Thiruvathira was the only thing fit the occasion, rest of the dance and boring Tharkikida should have been avoided and put of for arts and talents day or Xmas. By the time GanaMela startes half of the audiotrium was empty. Many of the members has kids and could not stay there untill 7PM.

Hats of KANE for organizing such a terrific event.
Date of Posting: 06 September 2015
Posted By: Viji
Excellent Onam and programs. Very good traditional sadhya as always. Chenda, maveli, thaalapoli, thiruvathira eveything very good and organized. Your website is really good, keep up to date in future too. Good job everyone.
Date of Posting: 06 September 2015
Posted By: Binu John
the positive:

-the sadhya. waiting for it was not fun, but considering all the limitations, it is commendable how this feat is achieved year after year. without iyer's and prasad's selfless involvement, this initiative wouldn't go anywhere.
-the cherupayar thoran was an added bonus for me personally, something with protein. :)
-the athapoo was perfection.
-the chenda music and procession were the crowning glory, down right home-style and reminiscent of childhood.
-the short skit, involving the two mahabalis, (note, the key word here is SHORT), was entertaining and circuitously made a point.

what i didn't care for:

-the speech by the chief guest was long and tedious, and made for supremely boring. he gave an intro, which itself was 10 long minutes, then he goes on to say 'they have given me 10 minutes'. his ten were already up.
-with the pattu kacheri promoted as the main event, there was no need for any more songs, and the only item that fit the occasion was the thiruvathira. the rest could have been put off for another day, to give respect to the ganamela participants and the audience, and the afternoon would've been just as enjoyable. some of our friends who came to hear the mela left at 4.30pm, because their small children were getting, well, let's just say, they had had it.
-mostly, need to display a bit more attentiveness to the clock. a serious effort could have been made to stick to the schedule that was on the printed programme bulletin. the musicians must have spent an enormous amount of time getting ready, and three-quarters of the audience had left by the time they started. not fair. if i were in that group, how would i feel?

Michaela Abraham's singing and vijoy Abraham's guitar were of professional quality. would love to hear them again.

hope you won't take offense to this honest review. you asked for it.:) that itself is worthy of commendation.
a little self-introspection is as important as a pat on the back.
Date of Posting: 06 September 2015
Posted By: Mercy
Hats off KANE!, The 8th natural wonder of the world, "your sadhya cooking". your email asked for review and as it says ,words from heart should be heard loud(superb tagline)). My honest review is, "The sadhya was super tasty, not just one curry, but everything. The chenda melam was great, as if you play on professional stages.Tiruvathira was good, and the speaker was very good as well. No comments of boston tarikida..garama masala was good.. The guitar and tabala players were good. they guy who sang Hindi song was good too, have seen him singing before on your other events. he atleast made some guys dance".
Date of Posting: 06 September 2015
Posted By: Midhun Prasad
Thank you for asking us our feedback . I am not sure how Kane manages to feed so many people , the Onasadhya was very tasty .. . I don't think Kane is prepared to handle huge crowd. First of all The Billerica school was not a good choice and their cafeteria was too small to handle this many people. The sadhya lines were too long and I felt it was not organized properly.....The place was in horrible condition especially the bathrooms with no paper towels or bathroom tissues . Celebrations like this the costumes and the food are not the most important thing we also need a nice decent place ..The auditorium had no a/c and it was very suffocating in this hot weather to stay iinside and relax......

The programs was excellent especially The Garam band was very entertaining . Good singers and a great Orchestra. Loved the choice of songs and I wish to see the Garam Team for Christmas too.
Date of Posting: 05 September 2015
Posted By: Josh
Marlborough, ma
Very good celebrations and great organizational skills by kane leaders. The pookkalam was so beautiful, and the people played chenda was good too. Sadhya was so yummy and i enjoyed it. Saw kane cooking photos videos before i tasted it,knew it will be good. You all doing very good work on website and facebook. Pls start malayalam classes for kids , do more kerala's own cultural pgms in events like this. Few people said dance was bad, i too think so. Hope to see good programs next year. Nice work on onam website photos
Date of Posting: 05 September 2015
Posted By: Sangeeta Mohan
I am still amazed at how KANE manages to feed such a large crowd on ONAM and cook everything from scratch!!! Kudos!!! As usual the Sadhya was good, programs a bit too long, good Ganamela and orchestra...a few good singers, enjoyed Shankarabaranam, Kasturi, Olanjali, Chikni Chameli, Thumbapoo and Ayala!!!
Date of Posting: 05 September 2015
Posted By: Sushil
I'm amazed at how KANE manages to feed so many people for other organization does this....wonderful Sadhya. Programme a bit too long, ganamela was entertatining, good orchestra and a few good singers...loved Kasturi, Olanajli and Shankarabharanam.
Date of Posting: 05 September 2015
Posted By: Sujit
I am new to US and far away from my sweet home, but I should thank KANE to made my this year Onam awesome with mouth watering Sadhya, atthapookalam and thiruvathira.All the cultural events were awesome and appreciating the effort taken by each of the KANE members to make it success.

Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Vimal
Awesome celebration of one of the authentic festivals of our Kerala... Enjoyed the enactment of all traditional aspects of Onam festivities, the yummy food that brought with it a lot of nostalgia and the on stage performances ..... What felt the most good is the knowledge that a volunteer organization in our community can bring together an event of this magnitude year after year ... Goes to tell us that we have many in our community with a heart of gold and together we can still do great things ..... May this spirit of community and volunteerism continue for many years to come and keep the flame of the Good in our culture & traditions alive in the generations to come as we melt in our new culture.....
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Smita
So nice to see the comments about Sadhya and our Onam function this year. It was the result of a lot of planning and hard work. Kudos to the leadership, folks who started the MEGA COOKING event with the Inchi curry, Pappdam and Achaar on Thursday, ALL the ones helped cutting and preparing the vegetables/ingredients on Friday evening, and to the SUPERMAN group who cooked overnight, and finally to the ones who helped serve food during the Sadhya. I have been blessed to be part of the fun especially the overnight cooking team for many years now. Although it is tiring and stressful, it is one of the MOST REWARDING and EXCITING thing i have ever done in my life.

Events like this not only take us back to our old days but also bring us together as a community. Personally, it has been a blessing to be part of KANE for almost 15 years and be part of each and every function. The personal connections made during these years would last life long...

We request new members to join the KANE committee and other organizing groups in future and be part of this big community/family group.
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Sibu Thomas
Very very happy to see the everlasting enthusiasm & energy of Iyer uncle, Kallupura achayan, Maniyattukudiyil achayan, Chackochen, Bijoy & all my DB friends/families... Even after 8 years, I still cherish those KANE days and missing all the actions... From bottom of my heart, I wish all the very best to everyone there & hope to be a part of KANE celebrations, atleast once again !!!!!!!
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Anil Janardhanan
Houston, Texas
hi, I am from kerala. I saw you celebrated onam better than malayalis in God's own country. very good photos and traditional sadhya. My niece is in new hampshire and they told me about kane grp's cooking and iyer sir's leadership..the thiruvathira dance and chenda melam are our own tradition, good job all.
Date of Posting: 04 September 2015
Posted By: Sasidharan K
Nice programs. The little maveli was cute. Good pookalam and chenda procession. My parents and family enjoyed the feast on leaf. Every dishes was good, but the wait for lunch was bit tough. happy onam
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Seena Joe
Super programs, the yummy sadhya. Saw cooking video on website, nice. congrats kane directors.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Divya Sreejith
Appreciate you asking feedback and I read the reviews already posted below. I second ona sadhya reviews. The afternoon indoor programs started well with good kerala style onam message, that person was good. Then towards end some guys showed up on stage with a flop intro and pathetic dance or whatever..Boston Tharikida. on a venue with this big crowd, you better don't want to test audience patience with foolish programs like this..sorry to say this, but it was a paid event. Everything else was sood. Sunil Nambiar was great on stage singing. thanks kane
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Krish
Met some of my good old friends and had a good time. Onasadhya was KANE's typical signature one as usual, great job. KANE commitee is doing great job in keeping community uptodate website and nice job technically. Glad to see young people on forefront. Best wishes to all.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Suja
worth waiting so long to get the mouth watering food, Nice job Kane for doing this. Kudos to all who had put together their effort. Ganamela was pathetic!
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Rajan Jose
the chendamelam was great, they played like professional people. The venue was not good, had to park my car far and then waited more than an hour in line. you people were not prepared to handle this big crowd i think. Sadhya and the people served it was very nice and friendly. Will repeat next year. good luck for all pgrms
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Dinu
Well, I agree to the sadhya reviews here. Indeed it was too good. Thirivatira was good, but still spinning my head to understand what those guys in red shirt was doing on stage, it was terrible and real punishment for the people. Pls try to avoid such stupid programs. the garam band was ok..few singers were good. Bring good programs next year.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Mano
thanks KANE for making us feel home away from home. After many years I had a superb sadhya. Next year I would like to join the cooking if possible, sounds like lot of fun. thanks a lot kerala association group
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Reshmi Vinod
It was worth waiting for the Sadhya, so authentic lip-smacking dishes, which is every Malayalee’s weakness. The entertainments, amazingly beautiful pookalam, traditional clothing/jewelry, everything felt like candidates to win us back to the delusions of our childhood days. Thanks for making our Onam all the more colorful! :)
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Rinky Pandya
Ashland, MA
thanks for the great meal sadhya. It tasted traditional kerala style. chenda melam was great too. lovely piitures btw. thank you
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: Hema
amazing onam..the maveli procession really take me back to my childhood...Even if we waited for a long time..sadya was the best one i had ever ..Thiruvathira was , one of the best i had ever seen ! and all the programmes too. It was visible their hardworks in all the programme...
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: prakash
Heard a lot about you guys cooking sadhya, my family enjoyed the lunch. The ganamela was dissappointing...otherwise good job kane.
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: Joel Abraham
Enjoyed another delightful Onam with an excellent Onasadhya, which reminds me of home. The Onasadhya prepared by the Kane group never ceases to amaze me. CONGRATS !

The programs however was not very entertaining.
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: Preetha
thanks Kerala association for the grand sadhya. Waited for an hour in the line to get to cafeteria, but was worth it then. congrats.
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: Nithya Manish
Canton, Mass
sadhya was very good, but it was a long wait in the queue. There could have been more entrance to sadhya hall. thanks
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: Abilash K
Another Onam passed by, and I think this is the 7th Onam I am celebrating abroad with KANE. The first thing I (I guess everyone agrees) want to mention is "KANE's speciality home cooked Onasadhya". It is a unique experience and is still a miracle how we do it. This year's Sadhya tasted exceptional and the ONLY thing KANE didn't cook(or make) is the plantain leaf, which apparently turned out to be the only thing people didn't eat. Congratulations to everyone who cooked this delicious sadhya and those who worked hard to engage and entertain the big crowd on the Onam celebrations day!. Thank You!
Date of Posting: 02 September 2015
Posted By: Jollson Varghese
Woburn, MA

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